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Knowlton's Deer and 'dem Cute Pusses!

The tourist town of Banff, Alberta has its elk and we, in the charming Victorian village of Knowlton, Quebec, have our deer. At dusk, they visit us and our two pusses Pussicle and GoldiPuss.

Below is the view from our front porch. When we watch the deer from the dining room window, they are only 10 feet away. When Doug fails to feed them they "knock on the door" by stamping a hoof on our back deck. I will resist the temptation to suggest that "the buck stamps here!"  Oopps!

GoldiPuss likes to play by running between their legs and trying to scare them. Sometimes, the buck stamps and snorts at him and it is the puss who gets scared. I will resist the temptation to exclaim "Oh dear!".  Oopps!

Here are the promised videos. Click each link to view them. They take awhile to load, so be patient.

Deer come.    Deer eat.    Deer go.

Just some of the many good reasons to live in Knowlton, in the glorious Eastern Townships of Quebec. See you on the walking path to the lake!

Doug & Morri,
Pussicle and GoldiPuss
... and all the pets of the pusses, including deer, squirrels, coons, skunks 

GoldiPuss  meets his skunk for another evening of hunting and playing. 
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... and GoldiPuss's mice, voles, moles, snakes and birds. Yum, Yum!

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Pussicle & GoldiPuss. Click to enlarge

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